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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco
I hear they are trying to ship a veteran (Gonchar or Palffy) likely the former since Palffy has turned it on lately so that they can free up a little more money so that they can afford to bring up Fleury for good in the next couple of weeks. Its blatantly obvious now that he is the best goaltender on the team. Almost everytime they have brought him up, he has had a quality start. He's the only one of the three who's NHL GAA is below 4 and the only one who's save percentage is above .900. He has nothing more to accomplish in the AHL. He has won 16 of 18 games down there and his GAA is well below 2.00. Its all about money now. They didnt want to add another 3 million but now theyve figured out that they are never going to be more than a 3 or 4 game below .500 team this season with Caron and T-Blow.

Good point on the youngsters vs. the vets. Ive been far more impressed with the youngsters this year. Obviously Crosby has been a beast. Christensen has been a fine center as well. Whitney is probably our best defenseman and he was just called up a few weeks ago. Murley has played well tonight. Malone and Orpik have been disappointments so far though. There's alot of young talent though, there is a great young defenseman at WBS in Noah Welch, I cant wait to see him play. Maybe they can turn it around but its unlikely right now. Havent really been impressed with any of the vets lately, except for Palffy who finally got off his ass.

Malone has started playing better after his benching - and brooks is probably our Second Best D - he gets alot of penalties - but i don't find it THAT bad IMO. We need someone to be tough out there.

But T-bo & Gonchar have to go
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