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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Alleged Triggerman
"That look" = selective Desaturation.

Hitting the "D" key, you can use any coloring tool in the MODE>SATURATION option to replace any hue with B&W.
Not hitting the "D" key will saturate with the colours on your palette. Here's and example:

Top = normal background I used in my DQ'ed submission.
Middle = same bg with ORANGE and BLUE set as foreground/background colours.
Bottom = coloring with same tool/mode after hitting "D" key.
Attachment 13539

The movie Sin City was shot in full color and selectively desaturated afterwards.

If you haven't watched Sin City, presumably you've been living under a rock or smoking one.

Heh, desaturating is much easier. One button. Instead of changing hue and saturation levels all the way down, thats all you have to do.

Good call alleged.
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