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Kyle Orton

Originally Posted by REB
I really like that look. The B&W background with the Rod in full color. It really makes the player pop if ya know what I mean. Good job guys. Hey Alec, do ya think you'll be doing anything with the horse, lightening and mountains I posted?


"That look" = selective Desaturation.

Hitting the "D" key, you can use any coloring tool in the MODE>SATURATION option to replace any hue with B&W.
Not hitting the "D" key will saturate with the colours on your palette. Here's and example:

Top = normal background I used in my DQ'ed submission.
Middle = same bg with ORANGE and BLUE set as foreground/background colours.
Bottom = coloring with same tool/mode after hitting "D" key.

The movie Sin City was shot in full color and selectively desaturated afterwards.

If you haven't watched Sin City, presumably you've been living under a rock or smoking one.

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