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Rock Hoover

Originally Posted by Taco John
Hey Photoshoppers...

Here's a chance for you to make your mark on the Orange Mane.

On the front page, the banner there could use some work. I think it looks ok, but I can't get Alec out of my ear every week telling me how gay it looks. So I figure I'll get him off my back by opening it up to the community and letting you guys take your shot at it...

So here are the basics:

1. Graphic size is 635 wide by 150 tall
2. The graphic must use the Orange Mane Logo (attached)

The best ones will be used on the front page with a graphics rotator. Let's see your creativity...

Yo TJ. I am under the assumption that we CANNOT use any names, logos or likeness due to trademark and copyright laws? Is this correct?
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