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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut
Flyers improve to 10-1-1 on the road this year with a 6-3 thrashing of the lowly Pens.
Gagne adds his league leading 19th and 20th goals last night.

As far as Crosby goes, no doubt the kid has skills. That said, he better learn to respect the game a little more before every player in the league starts to disrespect him. No player likes a diver. Crosby is a bonified diver. Not only that, when he gets called on it by Forsberg, he sprints over to Forsberg and starts yelling "F" this and "F" that at Peter.
I know Eddie Olchyk had a meeting with him about his mouth and the disrespect he is showing to both the Refs and opposing players but it obviously isn't working. Super Mario better do a better job of reigning the kid in or he will quickly become a player with alot of skill but zero respect from his peers.
I'm just glad they actually held a lead and finished for a change.....honestly, I'm tired of seeing teams come back against the Broncos and then when I get the Flyers on the screen here, they're doing the exact same thing, it pisses me off.

As for Crosby, I couldn't agree more Philly.....that was some display by him, not exactly what the NHL wants with it's newest marketing tool I suspect.
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