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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by amesj523
Now being a pens fan - i'm going to give this vote:

Alexander Ovechkin is the Calder winner this year - he's more valuable to WSH at this point than to the pens - stats might be close to a 'push' - and as much as i love crosby (I think ovechkin is a better goal scorer, i think crosby is a great playmaker) - but i think ovechkin is it this year.
I dont think either of them have clearly seperated themselves from the other. AO has more goals and is certainly a better pure scorer but as you said Crosby is a better playmaker, has superior vision and has more total points. Even his goal scoring has really begun to take off. He had 2 in the first 14 games or so, the last 7, 8 games he has scored 7 goals. Right now, its basically a draw, very small advantage in my admittedly homer opinion to Crosby since he is younger and has a few more points. Still more or less a wash though. AO is an excellent player and will probably score 60 goals this season. If it keeps up this way, I dont think anyone can complain either way it turns out. I wouldnt complain if AO wins it if it ends up being a relative wash like it is now, He is also deserving, but I think Crosby is a little better. He was amazing last night. If Christensen and Palffy sealed the deal on a couple of those pretty passes, Crosby would have had 5 points. As it was he had 3 against a great team. This will be a great competition all year long.
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