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Originally Posted by mtbrncofn
Be selfish and wear the Avs stuff. Doh! Seriously, what if you sit down there and somehow the guy finds out that you were an Avs fan, but you were to pansy ass to support your team? He'll think you're some kind of ass kisser! Think of Elaine at the baseball game here.
Funny, that's exactly what the wife's manager said to her too I swear, we could use Seinfeld references in everything these days heh

I have a feeling I'm gonna bow to her demands and let her have the seat near the owner since I would be loud and proud while rooting for my Avs... and since she would kick my ass forever if she got fired...

But you have to admit, its a toughie... cheer for the Avs or lose the privledge of getting laid (potentially).

By the way... GO AVS!
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