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Originally Posted by DB-Freak
Haha yea, I listen to everything too.

But I ain't a musician so that limits me in certain aspects.

Currently I'm at a neutral state where I have no inclination toward a band.

Type O'negative is great stuff dude. Kill all the white people got my attention ,then I got in to their stuff.

I don't wanna be me is a staple lifting song for me also.

Speaking of TypeO - with kill all the white people - made me remember Phil - i have the Pantera DVD"s and it's AMAZING how many people/bands they toured with and all the stuff i'd seen - etc -

Like when jerry cantrell (AIC) had a pink beard, he did that when they did some touring with pantera - when tommy lee had his hair cut, pantera did that too - just funny to look back on that stuff -

I've seen typeO play at the troc in philly on halloween before - good times -

I also went to see danzig/samhain reunion tour - that was actually alot of fun.
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