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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by mtbrncofn
Philly and I had a good argument a couple of seasons ago with the whole Forsberg/Lindros thing. He argued that Lindros was the better player, I of course argued the other way. I don't know if you are only weighing the SC rings here or what, but Lindros was a good player when healthy. Yeah, so Lindros never won the Cup for Philly, but I'd hardly call him a stiff.

Ask Philly how he feels about Lindros. He beat me over the head with his stats continually, and I would hope he would still argue his points the same way if we were to have the same debate.
I don't know what Philly's take on Lindros, I saw a guy with all the promise in the world that never delivered.....comparing him to Forsberg, well, I'd have to side with you on that one MT.
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