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Originally Posted by Hogan11
The point being missed here is stated above.

How do you think Philly felt seeing Foresberg in an Av's uni touted in his face year after year on these message boards?

It works both ways, so spare me this thin skin stuff.
Another point being missed is that this is a Denver sports message board dominately, so you're a minority dealing with a bunch of Avs fans.

If this was a Philadelphia site for the Eagles or Phillies, and there were a lot of Flyers fans there, then yes you can talk about how Forsberg being in an Avs uniform is touting it in your face, but get real, you and Philly are the only 2 fans of the Flyers here against an arsenol of Avalanche fans.

Theres plenty of other Flyers players on that team, but it's Forsberg in the avatar, and were not supposed to think that it's a jab back at us?
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