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Originally Posted by Hogan11
What? A fan can't be displeased by a bad front office move? Yeah it was 14 years ago, but so what? Foresberg had a lot more great years (plus a Cup) in Colorado than Philly had good years with Lindros as a result. You're telling me that Philly fans have no right to have been upset by that or be glad that Foresberg has returned to Philly? Get real.
First, it's Forsberg. Second, it's two Cups.

The whole pointless argument is that we're just getting over the shock of losing Forsberg 3 months ago and I don't like seeing it plastered on a message board of a Denver team. It has nothing to do with what team he went to or was drafted by. If he signed with Pittsburgh and SoCal had him on his avatar I'd still be pissed.
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