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Actually i think the MTL are the team to beat in the east. Not to mention Car -

It's so early in the season - my pens are a bit bad this year - but considering they were the 'worst' team in the NHL the last time there was a season - i sort of expect to see this now and then.

However saying that crosby is the ONLY person we have is a bit uneducated, and thus shows the lack of knowledge that philly fans (in particular) really know about hockey, or young hockey players. They got some young D guys that have some serious potential - and wReckin' ball is playing well this year, not to mention we have some good young talent like Ryan malone that really come up with clutch goals. It's a young team. The problem with the pens is too many offensive defensman who are soft (tarnstrom, jackman, gonchar) - and not enough grit and defensive ability. I think the goal tending is a bit soft - but we got two young guys in net that have good longterm upside (caron & fluery) - Tbone is less than desirable IMO.

For the last 10 years, the flyers have had one of the top teams in terms of talent on their roster, and each year, they can't seal the deal.Their best player IMO is D - Pikonen - Guy is probably the most vital cog for D and for special teams.

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