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Originally Posted by Al Wilson
The Flyers taking the East?

All thi talk about Gagne?

The Flyers the team to beat? No.

The Flyers aren't going to win the East.

Who's their goalie? Robert 'stinking' Esche

The Sens will win the East, guarantee it.

The Flyers are no match for the Sens.
The Flyers ARE the team to beat in the East. That's just the facts my Ottawa loving friend. Does that mean we will win the East? No. They are the favorites though.

Robert Esche is the best goalie we've had since a young Ron Hextall. Esche is not one of the bigger name goalies in the league but he is as solid as they come. Just ask the American team, and American hockey fans, who was the only player on the USA that bothered to show up for the world cup. Esche is the reason the Americans didn't lose every game by 10 goals.
He played tremendously in the '03 playoffs. If Esche slips up somehow, I am very comfortable with Anttiro Nitimaki as our future goaltender.

The 2 biggest obsticles for the Flyers this year will be the Lightning and Sens because of their speed. That's the only matchup problem I saee in the East for the Flyers. The Sens and Ning speed alone, will give teams fits. The Flyers are more talented acrossed the 4 lines then anyone in the league.
If they can deal with the speed, they should take the east.
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