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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by dbroncos31
its amazing. i knew gagne was good...but damn!!!! i had no idea how amazing he'd be. and you gotta consider how primeau can play when he's on (see: 2003 playoffs and esp. v TB) and how key Kapanen is. i think that we will win the east and win the cup. we're just so good. and our goalies are both really good. everyone is amazing. i'm in almost shock. but we do need to remember that its only like 1 month into the season...there's a lot of hockey left. and i think we'll be the last one standing.
I don't think I'll ever be totally comfortable with our goalies (but that's just me).

I agree though, the Rangers will fade and the Flyers will take the East barring something extraordinary. The team defines the word solid.
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