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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut
So tell me MT.... If Foppa is (or was) your favorite player, How could you possibly go out of your way to cheer against the team he is on?

The only thing I could compare it to is John Elway. If Elway left the Broncos, I would still be a die hard Bronco fan, but, I would be cheering for the team that Elway went to on the side. It's not like Foppa went to a division or even conference rival. He went to a team that the Av's play ONE time a year.
As long as I've known you, you never had a hatred for the Flyers until this season.
How could you love Foppa for all these years and then pull a 180 and dispise him in the span of a couple months?
Elway and Forsberg are my two favorite athletes of all-time. If Elway went to the Redskins or whatever that rumor was years ago I would have still rooted for John but not Washington. Same thing with Forsberg. I hope he continues to do well (though it's painful watching him do so well) but I couldn't care less about the Flyers and how they do as a team.

The way we lost Forsberg due to the salary cap was heartbreaking. He didn't want to leave, the fans certainly didn't want him to leave and the organiztion didn't want him to leave. It was essentially forced. Aside from buying out Rob Blake there was nothing the Avalanche organization could have done (and many people around here, including me, wish we would have bought out Blake and signed Foppa). Somehow we're still scoring goals better than anyone but Ottawa without Sakic or Hejduk really playing that well.
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