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It's not painful for me. I'm glad he's doing well. It's nice to see him not getting hooked, grabbed and held on every shift.

I was on the buy out Blake bandwagon initially. I had concerns about this team offensively going into the season. Yet, look at the numbers. The Avs are averaging 4.29 goals per game, which is third best in the NHL. They have three lines that can score, when most of us thought they would only have one. This isn't the top heavy team we are used to, its a balanced attack. Not only are you getting scoring from three lines, but look at the offensive contributions from the blueline.

The salary cap hit the Avs hard. It's early, but its hard to heavily criticize Lacroix considering the circumstances. So far the players, sans May, have fit in very well and are making positive contributions. Not one player can replace Forsberg, the Avs have to do that collectively as a team. So far, their offensive production has surpassed my expectations.

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