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Originally Posted by Tredici
I think I saw more clean body checks in that game than I did in half a season the last time there was a season. The hip check used to belong to Rob Blake. Now suddenly Jovanowski is using it.

I'm with you, on the adjustment period. The physical nature of the game will return but within the rules. Probably similar to what Philly remembers. There were a couple of good, clean hits that rattled the boards last night, too.

I mean here we are 10-12 games into the season and what Superstar is sitting on the bench due to game injury? (Trust me Philly, there is one in particular....)



Jovo has always used the hip check. Improperly! He's a dirty player. Always goes for the opposing players knee. I watched that dude's career take off in Florida. he's a hard nosed hockey player who's style of play will be hurt with the way they are calling these games. he's a Hatcher type of player with just a smidge better offensively.

You guys can stop with the Forsberg stuff. Peter is a tough player. Myself personally, I'd rather take the old style of play and take my chances of Forsberg getting injured.
I've never cussed at the TV so much about a "style" of Hockey. I find myself watching what they are calling then the actual game.
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