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Originally Posted by Jori
I know some of the Canadian observers, *cough* Don Cherry *cough* have the same concerns about the physical play being taken out of the game. I feel the same, but not to a large extent. I thought this two game series between the Avs and Canucks was quite physical. The officials let the teams play, but did miss some interference calls (particularly in last night's game). Its going to be an adjustment.
I think I saw more clean body checks in that game than I did in half a season the last time there was a season. The hip check used to belong to Rob Blake. Now suddenly Jovanowski is using it.

I'm with you, on the adjustment period. The physical nature of the game will return but within the rules. Probably similar to what Philly remembers. There were a couple of good, clean hits that rattled the boards last night, too.

I mean here we are 10-12 games into the season and what Superstar is sitting on the bench due to game injury? (Trust me Philly, there is one in particular....)


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