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Originally Posted by Jori
I know some of the Canadian observers, *cough* Don Cherry *cough* have the same concerns about the physical play being taken out of the game. I feel the same, but not to a large extent. I thought this two game series between the Avs and Canucks was quite physical. The officials let the teams play, but did miss some interference calls (particularly in last night's game). Its going to be an adjustment.

Here is my hope. For the past 4-5 season's, the refs opened the season calling a ton of penalties only to swallow the whistle as the first month or 2 went by. I'm hoping the same thing occurs this season.
The clutching and grabbing should be watched all season though. I beleive a player should be allowed to hook a bit in the open ice. It's sort of like a Defensive back being able to just put his hand on the opposing WR. The DB has no chance if he can't make even minimal contact.
Let the light stuff go. If the player pulls the stick while on the opponent, call the penalty. If the defensive player taps a player with his stick blade, let that go.
They are calling EVERYFOCKINGTHING! Let the players play. And, for gods sake, LET THE PLAYERS HIT!
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