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Originally Posted by Al Wilson
Been a fan of the Sens for 11 years.

And I don't like the Avs nor the West Conference, but it's a pleasure to watch Detroit play (you'll love me for this).

Isn't it funny when JR was talking **** about how the Phillies were going to beat the sens in the playoffs, yet we blew you away 2 straight years.

Okay. Well, who did you like before the Sens. No offense but I became a fan in the late 70's, early 80's. I was intrigued by the physical nature of the game. That's why I hate what I'm seeing. That's why I say the purest's (Boston, New York, Philly, Chicago) fan bases don't like what they see on the ice. We didn't grow up watching figure skaters. We grew up watching tough nosed, hard ass hockey players. Players like Phil Espisito, Billy Barber, A young Mark messier. Guys who could score with anyone and could throw their bodies with anyone.
I'm sick of seeing every god damn hard hit turn into a penalty.

Tred, I don't miss the neutral zone trap either. I love the absence of the 2 line pass. I also love that when there is icing, the players who were on the ice from the team guilty of icing, have to stay out for the next face off. I love alot of the new rules. In fact, i can't think of one new rule I dislike.
My gripe is with the officiating. Why can't we have the new rules AND keep the physical nature? I started to hate the NBA when it became a total offensive game. No defense is played whatsoever. Sadly, this is the direction that the NHL is going.

To clarify...... I like all the new rules. I'm b****ing about the officiating taking the physical and defensive part of the game out of the NHL.
That, in a nutshell is my beef!
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