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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut
How long have you been a hockey fan and who was your team before the Av's (I'm just assuming you're an av's fan).

Most Hockey puriest (pretty much East coast fans) hate what they are seeing.
If you like figure skating with sticks and helmets, more power to ya. I hate the way things are playing out right now. I hold out hope that the refs will swallow the whistle as the year progresses like they normally do. I just can't take the fact that checking is now a penalty.
I swear we are watching different games. When 5 minutes bang off the clock before you blink because if you do you will miss some of the action, that's okay by me. Then when the hits come it's something to be excited about.

I don't miss endless scrums on the boards. The frickin' neutral zone couple skates. The penalties may be up but it's offset by no damn 2 line passes, offsides and icing whistles. Yeah, I miss those endless faceoffs. Especially the ones where the ref keeps picking who he wants to drop the puck for.

Maybe the guys in the east just don't know how to skate without holding each other up.

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