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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut
Actually, I'm disgusted with the NHL so far this season. it's a flat out joke the penalties they are calling. I know every hockey fan see's the calls. I see guys going to the bench for literally, no exaggeration, grazing his stick on the puck carriers body.
This is BS. SWince when is Hockey a halfcourt (basketball term) game? There is absolutely ZERO flow to the game. For 2 minutes, the puck is in one end of the ice, then the next 2 minutes, it's in the other end of the ice due to power plays. This is a sick brand of "Hockey" and I don't like it. The NHL is turning Hockey into Soccer on skates with more scoring. Records that were untouchable will now be laughed at.
Before anyone jumps to conclusions, this has nothing to due with the Flyers. I see this BS all over the league. We now have players that dive when they feel the wind of another player to draw a penalty. Low and behold, the ref throws his arm up and calls a penalty.
This sucks. This isn't hockey. I don't know what the hell it is. It's literally figure skating with sticks and helmets. No contact allowed. You check, you go to the box! You bump, go to the box! You fart, you go to the box. I swear, soon, a player will get 2 minutes for farting. That's the way this league is headed.

All that said, I will continue to watch. I'm a Hockey fan but that doesn't mean I can't voice my displeasure for what they are doing to my NHL!
Philly, you see that guy in your avatar? Yeah, him, the one who's turning Gagne into a scoring machine. You want him to stay in your lineup and off the injured list? Of course you do. Then you don't want the old hack 'n whack NHL back because if it does he reassumes the bullseye he wore in Colorado for a decade.

The league is still in the feeling out stage. Players are starting to adjust and the referees will too. Give it a little time.
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