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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
Patrice Brisebois was absolutely hated by the fans in Montreal. They treated him like we Avs fans treated Martin Skoula. He was the whipping boy, the scapegoat, you name it. Habs fans were happy as clams to see him leave town when the Avs signed him. Now check this out.

The Entire Montreal Defense Corps
Games: 9
Goals: 1
Assists: 10
Points: 11

Patrice Brisebois
Games: 9
Goals: 5
Assists: 2
Points: 7

Living well is the best revenge.
Nice work CO, and yes brise is playing his best hockey in a long time and i also echoed that a change of coaches and getting away from the nad fans (who are really tough on player) would make all the difference for him (and it has)
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