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Originally Posted by mtbrncofn
Aebi is looking a little better, IMO.

Ossi needs a spanking or something to keep him out of the damn penalty box. Seems like its always him in there.

One other thing, I'm not so sure I'm wild about the new rules. I don't like the fact that you have to hold your breath every time someone checks someone and wait to see if a penalty is called. Seems like the good hits of the old days are a no no now, and I think that part sucks.

I understand exactly how you feel it's like walking on hot coals for the fans, something i have been noticing is with the new rules and the refs trying so hard to enforce the new system, they tend to call stuff that didn't happen. Re:svatos holding penalty on pronger, if you watch it pronger is the one doing the holding and svatos gets called and that lead to the oils first goal BTW.Just a question on your thoughts did you think may charging penalty was legit? the guy had the puck and had just gotten rid of it. Was may finishing his check or did you think it was a penalty?
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