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Default General Hockey Thread v2.0

We used to have one of these before and it was convenient, IMO.

Whew. I thought we were gonna tank again. This feels kind of like the end of the last season. Just couldn't get any winning rhythms going. Hopefully this will be the start of one for our boys.

* I still love to watch Blake hit. Man can he lay em on.

* The DOUBLE MINOR on Liles was BS. I can understand the whole responsible for your stick deal, so yeah he should have gotten the one, but a double?! Come on.

* Goalies are like bugs.....and a lot of players are using them as windshields. Will there be a rule change instituted because of it?

* Was anyone else expecting the Sens to be doing this well?

* Don't jump off the bridge yet, SoCal....the Pens will win one someday.
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