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Originally Posted by Iowanian
You got it wrong.....

"Raiderh8r's mama is so ugly, she couldn't get a gorilla to face hump her if she was chewing banana flavored hubba bubba"
iowanian copyright 2005
No, you screwed it up again.

Your line was, "Raiderh8r is so ugly, he couldn't get a gorrilla to face hump him, if he was chewing banana flavored Hubba bubba"

Retarded and non-sensical. But your syphalis has gone unchecked and fubared your brain.

I fixed it to say, "You're so ugly you couldn't get a blow job from a chimp if you wrapped your d!ck in banana flavored hubba bubba"

Makes sense. Got that? Face hump is the dumbest thing I've heard in awhile and you've been posting quite a bit lately.
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