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Originally Posted by BIG DADDY
How about the top 10 things you hear in Colorado.

10. Jake Plummer can clean my pipeth any time he wants.
9. He runs just like Barry Thanders
8. Kill all those vicioth dogth, they thcare me.
7. Get rid of all thoeth gunth, we donít need another Colombine and they thcare me too.
6. I sure mith Elway he wath thoe thexthy.
5. Were the come on vacation leave on probation state.
4. Thoeth were not illegal blocks
3. I sure wish that my thithter would quit ****ing Chiefs fanth.
2. Where are we going to get new hookers for the recruitment program?

And finally the top thing you hear in Colorado.

1. I am sick of Kobe Bryants sloppy seconds why does he have to break in all our women.
What's with all the "th"s? It would be easier for you to speak if you took Vermeil's **** out of your mouth.
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