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Re: The Treehouse.  No Girlz Allow3d!

[quote author=NDGal link=board=jibbajabba1;num=1014731150;start=15#18 date=03/26/02 at 20:13:43]

Challenging I guess you would say...but I had a staff person out today and we played musical staff....which is always difficult and inconsistent.  We also had a new worker helping us out that didn't know them.  In other words, I did most of the work myself...(I do have a couple of kids that like to be held all day, too!  Which makes it a real challenge to do activities and provide care for the other little ones!) I also have a couple of older ones (ready to move up) that seems to be into everything and liked to bug their other friends, today.  Oh well, hopefully tomorrow is better.  My parents will be in town Thursday, so I have Friday off...2 DAYS TO GO!

So are you going to get to visit tomorrow then?

Are you feeling better?

I need to get a beer....or maybe a nice glass of back in a few minutes...(yep, for real!)

After a day like today was, a short week will be a real relief... being short-handed would be very stressful. "Bugging the older kids"... I can really relate to that one! My twins love annoying their older siblings and some days, I feel like a referee.

Do you have any special plans for the weekend with your parents? I'm planning to go and see my folks (and Baby Blue) on Thursday.

I'll be coloring about 5 dozen Easter eggs with the kids on Friday or Saturday... and then they'll be doing Easter egg hunts and all that.

I'm feeling much better now... and so far, none of the rest of the family has caught this bug from me, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we're done with it. :-)

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