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Originally Posted by Nuggets4
All right people I respect, need some opinions.

Always been a fan of Frank Zappa, but never gotten anything of his (sadly, I feel more guilty about this than a lot of other things in my life). Recommendations? I'm thinking I'll probably get "Strictly Commercial" because it has a lot of great songs on it (specifically "Peaches en Regalia" -- personal favorite of mine because we did an arrangement of it in a percussion ensemble at UNC) and covers a lot of ground. Big problem with that one is that it doesn't have "The Black Page" on it. So I guess I'll just have to get more than one CD.

So, I need recommendations for good studio and good live albums (because his bands are AWESOME live). I thank you in advance.
"Baby Snakes" (the DVD) is my favorite live Zappa recording - it's just over the top!

I'm also a "200 Motels" fan.

I still like the early Mothers of Invention records like "Apostrophe" and "Overnight Sensation." I used the guy who played drums on those two records (Ralph Humphrey) on my last CD. Guy's a monster!

I listen to the commercial hits-oriented package "Have I Offended Someone?" in the car a lot. It's fun to see some of the looks on people's faces when you roll up to an intersection with the windows rolled down and "T*tties and Beer" or "Bobby Brown" blasting.

At any rate, I don't consider myself a Zappa historian by any stretch, so Hogan, et al, might have some recommendations I missed.
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