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I'll believe this if it actually happens. These Paul Pierce rumors have been floating around all offseason.

I have two major concerns about Pierce. Number one is how would he get along with George Karl. It's no secret that they didn't exactly part on good terms when Karl coached him in the World Championships and we've already seen some backlash from that when Michael Finley didn't even make the Nuggets one of his considerations.

The second is even if he gets along with Karl, will he play the up tempo style of game that made the Nuggets so successful in the 2nd half of last season? I've heard talk about how Pierce clashed a bit with Doc Rivers over the fact that Pierce wasn't running. If he doesn't want to run, he simply won't fit in here.

Other than that I don't have any real problem with it other than seeing who the other players involved would be. Pierce is an All-Star caliber two guard who would give the Nuggets a sorely needed reliable 2nd scoring option. Trading Miller would be softened by the addition of Earl Watson. Watson isn't as good a passer and playmaker as Miller, but he's about even with him as far as scoring and superior defensively. They'd better get a big man back in the deal unless they want to rely on Najera and rookie Linus Kleiza for big minutes if/when Camby gets hurt again.

We'll see.
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