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Originally Posted by Nuggets4
The N4 jersey curse continues. Any time I get a player's jersey, BAM, he's gone. Now I've gotta find a way to get Miller taken off of the back of my jerseys and my last name put on. Dammit.

That said, and everyone here knows how big of a Miller fan I am, we HAVE to do this deal. I'm surprised to see negative comments. Let's face it, Nene will NEVER live up to his potential here. He's not happy. He gets less rebounds per game than some guards in the league. It's time to move him, we have the depth up front. I would much rather deal Boykins, but this is the type of move that could catapult the team to the top. Pierce is going to be like Vince Carter was last year in NJ -- you're going to see him EXPLODE when he moves on to prove himself. Remember, he almost single handedly carried Boston to the conference finals a few years ago.

I will admit this makes me worried about the PG situation though. My thoughts on Boykins are pretty well known and I just haven't watched enough of Watson to feel completely comfortable with him starting at the PG position (and he would undoubtedly start over Boykins). That said, Kiki has to make this move if it's offered.

Anyone know a place that alters NBA jerseys?

Thanks for the enlightement. I was under the assumption that PP was not a locker room guy and that he would be somewhat of a problem there.

As a hoopster, he would be the SG the Nuggs need. Now let's wait and see if this actually happens.

How do the salaries line up?

The nuggs must like the kid from Mizzou.
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