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Floyd Little

Been playing a bunch of R.L. Burnside since he passed away a few days ago....I especially like his collaboration with The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion An Ass Pocket Of Whiskey the blues of the delta filtered thru the wildness of the Explosion makes for some very exciting noise.

Hanging with The Pietasters last weekend I brought up R.L. They were bumming about his death pretty bad. They told me this story of how when they toured with him in 1998 (A very strange bill led off with R.L. Burnside, followed by The Pietasters and then headlined by Joe was captured by HBO for their Reverb show of the time) they gave him a bottle of Jack Daniels for his 75th Birthday.....he cancelled his opening spot for the rest of the tour the next day after he damn near drank the entire thing. Strummer blamed The Pietasters and never forgave them for it.
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