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I will have Mock's locks again, but probably in the main forum.

Considering experts run around 60 percent and I'm running around 80, you might want to listen.

Betting against the spread is hard, and most of my losses have been Homer Bronco locks. Like Chicago at home. Or Oakland at home in the snow. Go figure. My misses are baffling.

When Mock's Locks come out and I mention the Broncos or Vikings, throw them out. As a fan, I'm incapable of seeing it clearly. Throw out these rediculous assumptions, I'm almost close to 85 percent, which is incredible considering I'm an idiot and my chair is broken.

Why wouldn't I pick Denver at home against Chicago or Oakland in the snow? Denver didn't cover, they outright lost.

Still, I will give some mock's locks. Those two hurt me, but I'm pretty good. It's always a tempation to overbet your home team. It's the worst possible bet. It's like Pulp Fiction. So I will probably not make any Vikings or Broncos locks, they are literally a disaster. My other picks are generally better.

I will try to push three Mock's Lock's onto the forum, but I could go Jimmy the Greek, who couldn't pick a dogfight.
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