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I used to write for the local home-town Wyoming newspaper (got paid for it even) a few years ago. I have a few article ideas that might be interesting:

"Mile High Memorial"
(Why isn't there anything to commemorate the old Mile High? It's an NFL icon, and as was pointed out in a thread here a few days back, people are BURIED there for Christ's sake. Try to get a statement/interview from the front office.)

"Former Broncos: Then and Now"
(There are a LOT of former Broncos, not necessarily superstars, who are very interesting characters and have incredible stories to tell and who still live in the Metro area. I think it would be great to interview some of these guys, see what they're up to now, pick their brains about big games, the glory days, what they think about the current Broncos, etc. A respectful, but entertaining fluff piece. Maybe it could be a semi-regular column thing.)

Anatomy of an ACL Tear
("ACL Tear" is one of the more alarming phrases a football fan might hear. But does everyone really know exactly what an ACL tear is? How is it corrected and rehabbed? How is the game, and everyday life, affected for someone who has overcome an ACL tear? etc,)

Tight Ends: The All-Time Broncos Cheerleader All-Star Squad
(Does this really need explanation?)

Anyway, I'm not always great at following through on ****, so I'll write something up and see how it goes. Please feel free to use any of these ideas for articles to post here if you have great connections or just like the idea or whatever.

EDIT: Also, Taco, I'm a killer proofreader and all-around grammar-nazi. I'd be happy to help if you'd like.
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