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Originally Posted by scorpiosnow
I look forward to your in-depth analysis on the cost of modern tractors and the price of beans in Iowa. Oh and cats.
Well, I'm mad at these crap blowers they thru on one of my tractors. (bad turbos). John Deere equipment is usually bulletproof. How this kid managed to almost blow up the Trac-tor is anyones guess. He must of overheated the motor. If you throw the blower it can go into the heads and your talking a total rebuild, which is never as good as what comes off the line. I'm considering changing blowers, but it would void warranty. Price of beans is up, I said 6.75 and it hit. Brother had to make a serious call on the board to cover, I told him to buy back, and he made a cool 50k. Since you asked, we got insurance money and could plant what we wanted, and got beans in, and they are up, and it rained! We put some short maturity beans in and should, maybe get beans. Beans are temperamental things. If it's too wet, they won't go off the pod, too dry, they shatter on the front of the combine. Incredibly, we might be taking corn before beans.

I'm more worried about this hurricane bearing down on me in Arkansas. It should turn, but it could blow the whole crop down.

The cat got into paint yesterday, but seems to have eaten it off. It wasn't much, but he was very agitated. I've been touching up the house, and he must of gotten into some, just his tail.

That's the Farm and Cat report.

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