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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN
Hmmm...maybe you caught her on a bad night. She's usually a lot of fun.
Maybe IRL, but the videos they made made her look like a pouty biatch with max attitude....a big turn off in these parts.

It was Ed's idea. Eddie used to sit in with Scandal when they stopped in L.A.
I'm sure Ed didn't care about how it might look to the fans - he just wanted a chance to work with an exceptionally talented vocalist like Patty.
The fanbase still would've freaked out big time whether Eddie cared about it or not..........on second thought, she would've been better than Hagar for the type of material they went on to do without Roth anyways since Hagar couldn't ever put the pop/metal thing over effectively, even if his life depended upon it.
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