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Originally Posted by Hogan11
No I haven't Inferno.....between these garage rock shows in my area, the stuff on Garage Pop Records & the new Teenage Fanclub CD, I forgot all about that, my apologies.

I will make a point of getting that though ASAP....I know it has to be pretty cool because you have great taste when it comes to this stuff...I'll let you know when I get it and what I think of it.
That's cool...although albumn to albumn they can be a bit spotty, the retrospective is two discs of absolutely amazing song craft. I'll be surprised if you don't like it.

Another albumn I'd highly recommend is the Kaiser Cheifs debut Employment. If you like Franz Ferdinand dance-rock type stuff, you'll probably like them.

How's the new Teenage Fanclub, by the way? Always been a fan and was thinking about picking it up.

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