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Originally Posted by -Slap-
I guess my point with this long rambling note is that being a racist or holding racist opinions doesn't necessarily make you an evil person, or even a bad person. There's good and bad in all of us, its what we do with it that matters.
Some of my closet friends are racist. They are white, black, red and brown. I understand their point of view and they understand mine. I'm all about fair play and giving everyone a chance to prove who they are as people. I keep the conversation on the business of being human. I'm not afraid of love. I think most people want to believe they are fair. What makes America great is we have the basis for opportunity here whether we understand that is what it is or not. Where else in the world do you have discussions on peace? Being born here in itself is an opportunity. Everyone should travel just so they can see that.

There is a lot of hidden discrimination that is complicated and difficult to address. How do you encourage migrant workers to handle the jobs that help keep our economy competitive without burdening middle class with health and welfare issues? How do you create urban opportunities for self employment rather than reducing an opportunity to always meaning a job? How do we build industry in America and include the free trade agenda? How do you reverse 100 years of unfair advantages and business practices without penalizing the people today unfairly? There is a way to do all of this but our strength is our pride and our pride, greed, and selfishness is our weakness. We are not the only materialistic country in the world...just the richest.

Star Wars is about racism. Star Trek is about racism. Battlestar Gallactica is about racism. It is a bunch of familiar faces in costumes talking about the boogie man in the back of everything that is uniquely American. It is very old wound that is in every step we make. I don't know what the answers are. I think it remains like the question a choice each of us must make each day. I used to say we use the rule of logic, the rule of science but even that can be corrupted or deception.

The only fix is time. The only answer is patience. The only course is taking another whack at it....just one more time. It's an internal and external struggle where the only conversation is from me to me. Nobody else is listening. They have their own conversations.

I spent some time growing up around 7 mile / 8 mile. I've seen a little. What they did in Detroit was bad for everyone and it just kept getting worst. I don't blame anyone for being bitter or angry.
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