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Originally Posted by sirhcyennek81
so its racist to want legal immigrants. i see. so the 10 million mexican immigrants who have crossed into the US since 1990 are what? all picking fruit? is our produce industry that demanding?
Who stated that? Are you that poor at creating straw men or is your reading comprehension that poor?

There is a difference between inviting legal immigrants to work in your contry for a few seasons, and the implementation of policies that invite immigrants to work in your country for 5-20 yrs while denying them any possibility of citizenship. The first is frequently based on labour needs while also trying to manage the population growth of the area. Conversely the latter is often grounded on racist underpinnings. These countries are obviously not concerned with population management since the immigrants are an integral part of the system (and frequently having children in said country). But the fact that they have supported the infrastructure, contributed to the tax base, and been important members of the social system for a decade has not bearing in them getting citizenship.

As a comparison consider the policies of the States and Canada. In both cases you can apply for citizenship after 3 years of landed immigrant status (and frequently said immigrants receive their citizenship without much difficulty).

BTW, your statement clearly refers to immigration in America, whereas the immigration policies I was referring to were clearly European. A little more attention in your reading would be of value.

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