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Originally Posted by TomServo
on a side of my grandfathers had such a thick spanish accent my mom had to translate his english to me w/i was little..........and the man was a freakin racist. im just saying a person doesnt have to be white and fly a confederate battle flag to be a racist.
Latin-Americans have many examples of racism, despite their claim for moral high ground. Why do you think Argentinians think they are the cream of the crop in South America? Generally it is related to their Caucasian heritage (they consider themselves the whitest country in the south). Chileans often disparage Argentinian behaviour, but many can often be seen feeling pride about being the second "whitest" country.

On a different note, many tribes in Africa treat members of tribes they conquered in the past as subservient. Also, there are examples of slavery in some areas of Africa.

However, Europeans love to benefit from all the help they receive from immigrants, yet they deny them rights of citizenship even after living there for over a decade (and racism is clearly expressed in some political platforms). In Switzerland place of birth is irrelevant, one does not receive Swiss citizenship by being born there.

America has many flaws, and its racist history has manifested in a violent and visible manner. However, America's attempts to address these issues is/should be the envy of many.

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