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Originally Posted by TDmvp
Hate is a total wasteful thing . in the timeeveryone spends hating one another we could have probally wiped hunger out of most of the world , cured cancer,and load of stuff.

I see "white" people of today sometimes be ignorant to things they themselfs havent faced.While not being maybe a part of the problem they are in ways blind to the fact there is one ,while some are just stupid hate loven red necks who hate things they dont know , wont know , and probally wouldn't understand if you spelled it out to them in 3rd grade speech.

While some see past color to the heart of the man and care for all and understand the past and push foward to when everyone is as we was ment to be

I see "black" people today struggle to feel accepted in their own home town struggle to find a voice who actually is working for their benifit and battle a wound that aint healed yet,While some are mean ,bitter,and uncaring about their own race or any other and are just as unwilling to heal the wound.

While some are working hard to lift themselfs and ALL around them to better things and knowing where they came from and understanding it but not wanting to use it for their gain,as they build a future

racism .. 1 little word that strikes so many feelings...

I do not blame the little old "white" lady who is scared when encounters a group of "black" teens ...

I do not blame "black" middle aged man who fears they are being picked out by the police for their color .

I blame us all for letting something like hate fill so much of the short amount of time we have here , and hope someday we can understand Pain makes us equal . Our souls make us equal . Love makes us equal. Death makes us equal ,
"Colors" just make us different ....
Looks like you're working to spread the light, TDmvp. Until the truth is accepted, none of us can be free.
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