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Originally Posted by Nuggets4
Oasis - "Don't Believe The Truth"

If you were a fan of their first two albums, they're back. I really dig the album. If they could just do stuff like this and "Morning Glory" and "Definately Maybe", they'd be almost as good of a band as they think they are.
To hear Liam Gallager tell it : "This is a classic record. Definitely Maybe's an alright record, people just have this love affair with it because it's the first record. I think the songs are better on this record but it's the sixth album and we're waning to some people and they think we're not as great as we used to be, all that nonsense. This album's better than the first two."

"I'm writing some classic songs," Liam says.

"Now I'm mega."

I seriously doubt their public boasting is completly serious, but they are, to use their language, "serious wankers."
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