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I haven't seen Crash. I heard that its just relentless in its message, though. Literally every scene is race driven. I've never been anywhere like that or experienced anything like that, so I tend to believe the film maker kind of went overboard to make his points.

I have never understood the term "reverse racism". I think racism is racism. I know a lot of black people will claim that its impossible for any black person to be racist because its only natural for a persecuted underclass to hate the people who oppress them. I've seen Spike Lee and Harry Edwards play this card many times. It makes sense. Racism is their bread and butter. They don't want to be reminded that they perpetuate it, though.

I don't think we'll ever see an end to racism. Ethnocentrism is deeply ingrained into many people and that condition typically metastasizes into racism, given a little time and the proper (inevitable) conditions.

I used to wring my hands over racism and wish it would go away, but its a Quixotic quest. The best we can do is treat the people we care about as well as we can and let the rest shake out as it will.
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