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Originally Posted by labronx
two humans fighting over the right to own another human?
because one claims that he is used to living that way?
so he needs to own a human in order to survive?
he can't survive on his own?
common now!
or is it that he needs to own him to feel in control of his life of his world or the world to be fullfilled?
it's as simple as that right? or no?
America fought with herself over the idea of slavery being used to maintain the economy of the South and determining the direction of the future. The southern states were dependent on crops taken from the plantation. That's the way of life I'm talking about. The North was more into manufacturing, but the South depended on slaves to keep their economy moving. If you think that it's merely a question of the North being right and the South being wrong over the slavery issue, you need to read up on the issues surrounding the Civil War.

That's one of the reasons that Lincoln "freed the slaves" in 1863. The southern economy would have taken a big hit if the slaves left the plantation. It was more of a strategic ploy to weaken the resolve of the South rather than "the right thing to do". In fact, after the Emancipation Proclamation, black people were "free" but they had nowhere to go. Lincoln didn't care about the slaves as human beings. In fact, the Constitution at the time stated that a black person only counted as 2/3 of a person. He wanted to hit the South in the pocketbook. Slaves were just pawns in a larger game. There is no doubt that slavery was a BIG issue, but it wasn't the only issue at work.
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