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I had the fortunate or unfortunate pleasure (depending on your point of view), to have been on every Continent in the world besides Antarctica and Europe. We as Americans have come farther in the last 40 years, than some nations have in several hundred. For instance, take a good look at Rwanda. Although yes both sides of that rebellion were Africans, they didn't see it that way and tried to commit genicide on the other (If you want a good movie, check out Hotel Rwanda). The same goes in Ethiopia, Somalia, and the Middle East. We view these people as Africans and Arabs, they don't even see one another as part of the same race. It makes you evaluate how precious life is, when you see what Sunni Muslims will do to ****e Muslims. Now, you are going to say that is religious based and not race based, but they are exactly the same. People hating people for their differences (i.e Race, color, creed, religious denomination, or sexual orientation).

I am very excited to see where America will be 40 years from now, seeing how far we've come in such a short time. Unfortunately though, I don't think you will totally get rid of Racism. The only hope we have is to cripple it so bad, that the severe minority are the only idiots out there.

However, I firmly believe in my heart that some of the groups and government agencies that are designed to fight racism, actually encourage it. I say this, because if you were to Eracism, they would have no purpose, and therefore would not receive funds. Imagine Jessie Jackson or the ACLU trying to justify their existance and government funding, if racism were destroyed.
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