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Von Miller

oh and about the name Casper , well he was a Lt. in the army , in charge of protecting settlers , and travelers in this area , being 50 miles north of Ft. Fetterman it was a daunting task. The Native americans were out for blood after the Sand Creek massacre that happened in Colo .
Well there are 3 stories about the demise of Casper ......
1. Capser Collins died protecting settlers from a Indian uprising .....
2. Collins died protecting soldier , that was wounded in a battle ....
3. A tribe of Lakotas attacked Ft. Casper , and to save the Unit Casper Collins Charged head on to buy time for the wounded to escape ......
Despitewhat story you want to believe , Casper died going for it , and that means somthing here , they finaly found Casper collins Rifle in the Plate ΒΌ Mile from Ft.Casper , so the 3 rd story has the most credit ........
BTW , Ft.Collins was named after Caspers Dad , both were from Ohio , sent here to tame the west ....
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