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Von Miller

Originally Posted by labronx
man spide,

your freakin' scarying me. Ima have to walk alone in the parking lot after work.

seriously though, some pretty crazy stuff hapenin up there.
Shoot the fact that it's named Casper scares me right there.

LA is more drug or gang or money driven crimes they are not as obviously racist as the ones you described

that kinda s*t scares the crap out of city boys and in a way im from the woods too.
Id **** my pants if hicks or reds are maddoggin me I wouldn't stay a minute in that town from what you make it seem.

"honey just keep your eyes on the road and keep drivin', don't stop!"

so are they those crimes federal being that they are racially motivated?
No , the one on So. Poplar was ruled Drug related , despite the witness hearing th guy say Die you F'n ni**&r , and the guy with a shotgun Was tried in county court , we dont have much of a federal infrastructur here in Casper , the guy that died on the Res , well his death will never be found out , and if so , be hard to convict .......
Most of us believe in the state motto "Equal Rights" ...... it is the elements from other states that are giving us a bad name .......In fact a woman lives 3 houses down from me , black , lived here all of her life , Her mom Ran a bording house back in the late 1800's and she has never had a Problem with Racism , in Fact there are 4 black Familys on this block , and they are better nieghbors then I am ........
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