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Originally Posted by §Pide®
Hell we are actually having Traffic Jams , built almost 200 miles of new surface streets , 750 new houses another 2500 planned .........
man spide,

your freakin' scarying me. Ima have to walk alone in the parking lot after work.

seriously though, some pretty crazy stuff hapenin up there.
Shoot the fact that it's named Casper scares me right there.

LA is more drug or gang or money driven crimes they are not as obviously racist as the ones you described

that kinda s*t scares the crap out of city boys and in a way im from the woods too.
Id **** my pants if hicks or reds are maddoggin me I wouldn't stay a minute in that town from what you make it seem.

"honey just keep your eyes on the road and keep drivin', don't stop!"

so are they those crimes federal being that they are racially motivated?
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