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Von Miller

Racism is still here , granted not like it was in the 30's but it is still here , you want to see Racism ? be a whitey and go on a res , this is no Joke , a Guy was killed 3 years ago on the wind river Res, murder still hasnt been solved ... 2 Years ago right here in Casper , So. Poplar street , a guy just moved from Chicago , Shot and killed a black man cause he was black , North A street , a 18 Year old Male was taken into custody last year for Chasin black People with a 12 gauge shotgun ( he had just moved from Cali)
then of course we have the Mathew Sheppard case , well that wasnt Racism , that was homophobes ........
Casper can be a bad ass place , we have rough necks comming from everywhere , another boom happening right now in Casper , and Booms attract young people single wild and have nothing to lose , looking for a job .......
Just like the guy that pulled a knife on me a few months back , From Cali , thinking he could push this redneck around ..........
so I think we are getting alot of rejects from other states , moving here , thinking Racism is ok, and pushing locals around is ok ..........
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