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Originally Posted by TheNextStep
I'm one of those people who is really, really touchy about race. I despise racism and do not tolerate racism... which made my stay in south Texas interesting.

That said, I have an honest question about something that's puzzled me for a while:

I know that back before the civil rights movement, one of the many racial slurs used was to call a black person a "spade." So here's the question: The expression, "I'm not afraid to call a spade a spade"... is that a derivative of card playing, is it a racist expression, or is there some other origin for the expression?
whats up man!

I alwayz wondered about that one and thought about it through the card game, however it didn't make sense, because then, anything will apply?

like im not afraid to call a square a square or im not afraid to call a dog a dog or you know... it can go on forever.

good one!

hopefully someone will fill us in
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